Sweet Tea and Sisters Story

Hi.  My name is April and I am the owner and designer of Sweet Tea and Sisters LLC.  I am a single mom of three great children. Sydney is 25, Shane is 23, and Stratton is 20. I started making jewelry a few years ago as a hobby.  I put it aside for a short time, but with my kids in college and more time to devote to it seriously, I started making pieces again as a business in 2017.  I love making pieces with gemstones and Sterling Silver and Gold Filled materials. Gemstones that are interesting or have a unique story behind them are my favorites. I have always enjoyed drawing and wondered what my sketches and designs would look like on a charm.  I found a wonderful charm manufacturing company that helped me bring my drawings to life as a charm. All of the charms are my original artwork and design and they are inspired by my faith and family.


The name of my business is Sweet Tea and Sisters because of all of the wonderful memories I have of growing up in a small southern town with so many strong, Christian women on both sides of my family.  There were countless conversations around a dinner table and casual Sunday afternoons with endless amounts of sweet tea. The women in my family have worked hard through many generations. Each charm is so special to me because it represents my faith and precious family members. I hope my charms serve as a link between older generations in my family to new and future generations. I also hope they spark a sweet memory for customers and are as special to them wearing the charm as they are for me to create them.