A beautiful, faceted White Moonstone is the focal of this 14k Gold Filled Necklace. Two pretty Peridot rectangles hang beside the Moonstone.  24k Gold Vermeil Style Karen Hill Tribe beads accent the stones.  The wire holding the stones is 14k Gold Filled.  This would be very pretty on a bride, for prom, or any event that needs a handmade necklace with a little something special! 


The Karen Hill Tribe of Thailand use primitive methods and tools passed down from generations.  Each piece is handmade and the silver is a more pure silver content, 97%-99%, than Sterling Silver (95%). They also come in 24k Gold and Rose Gold Vermeil over the Silver.  I love the tradition, heritage, and skill that goes into these beads.

Moonstone and Peridot 14k Gold Filled Necklace

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